Mustafa is really a good cosmic power engineer! He gave me a lot of advice on my various issues and balanced my chapel system as well as my energy!

I sincerely thank him for his work, thank you!


Translated from Eukrainian

One of the most amazing spiritual experiences that I have had. Mustafa was highly recommended by a close friend, and I am so glad and happy that I could do it. Mustafa instantly makes you feel calm and calms your mind, as he fully explains the processes. I can honestly say that after the session I have had a much improved sleep lately. I feel positive, easier and more connected. I have had so many problems and upheavals over the past few years, but I just got this knowledge inside that things will get better and better. Thank you very much, Mustafa. You are a blessing.


Translated from Russian

I consider myself lucky having the opportunity of receiving not only one but several healing sessions from Mustafa Dermirağ.

Mustafa is such a gifted intuitive healer with so much knowledge related to field of Cosmic Therapy. His intuitive skills are genuine and so accurate, and I am always impressed by his ability to know exactly what I need. His level of proffesionalism is astounding accompanied by his patience, compassionate personality, positive energy and aura.

Before attending Cosmic therapy i would feel uneasy, anxious, stressed or just having some doubts about life in general. But after every Cosmic Therapy session i have received from Mustafa i always feel rejuvinated, awakened, balanced and much more grounded and positive about life. He worked deeply to release and heal me beyond my stated intentions.

The several sessions i took with him have improved my level of awareness.

I HIGHLY recommend Mustafa Demirağ!

Trust me this is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss!

Thank you, Mustafa i am looking forward to more healing sessions with you.



At first, I was not sure what to expect.

Mustafa G. Demirag stood in front of me with a device that I had never seen before, and first checked out some vibrations.

That was only the preliminary work.

The main part was that he gave me energy by placing his hands on specific parts of my body.
In another session with the very likable gentlemen, the process was already familiar to me.

The second part of the laying on of hands and energy giving lasted longer this time and already felt more familiar and deeper.

After the sessions I felt happy, relieved, very relaxed and at the same time energetic.

Days and weeks after that, I was always surrounded by a great deal of confidence and a benevolent feeling.

What I’ve noticed is that I froze much less often, even in snow and frost.

It was as if body, mind and soul were in better harmony than before.

The energy and the blood felt like they were flowing better.

I’m curious what else can come, and I’m already looking forward to my next session.

Thank you for the good feeling and the good energy!

Clara Somner

Translated from German

I came away from my cosmic healing session with Mustafa feeling light, uplifted, refreshed and with a renewal of positive energy.

Mustafa is very sensitive, supportive and caring and during the session really made me feel totally at ease.

I would definitely recommend Mustafa and of course I’ll be going back for more sessions.



When I first met Mustafa my energy was low and stagnant. Within the first session through his professional and gentle healing, I could feel the energy shift and my vibration rise. Mustafa is encouraging and has literally breathed the life back into my day to day purpose. Thank you and thank you again ??



I was not expecting anything, but I was so wrong. It changed my life forever. I recommend it to everyone.


Translated from French

The moment you meet Mustafa , any nerves you have are quickly dissolved. His spirit is warm and inviting and you feel like you have known him for years.
The session was really revealing and I walked away with a new sense of purpose and my chakras all cleared.
I would defo recommend Mustafa and will defo be going back.

Michelle Wilson

London, UK

The best experience ever, if you’re going through a lot of things, or feeling uneasy, or just generally confused about life.

You’ll feel a great amount of relief after sessions with Mustafa. Like a burden has been relieved on your shoulders. And peace, and positivity is guaranteed in everything you do right after the sessions.

I recommend this if you feel down, or you just need peace and relief. Amazing experience.


London, UK

I had an amazing, surreal energy reading with Mustafa. I could literally feel the blockages oozing out of me and definately felt a difference the next day. Mustafa was very intuitive and is a master of his craft, excited about the weeks ahead.


London, UK

Mustafa has a very relevant presence and time passed too fast during my session. I would recommend it to people who need to take a break from their busy day.


Valencia, Spain (Translated from Spanish)

Being my first time seeing a spiritual healer I didn’t know what to expect but it was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt .

Mustafa has made me feel so much better in myself like a load has just been lifted of my shoulders I would 100% recommend going to see him. I will defently be going again ?


London, UK

I realized that I had entered an irreversible way when I gave up everything and then I came across a clean human like you and my life changed.

I started to believe when I didn’t believe. I knew you. I have a friend like you.


Nicosia, Cyprus

One of the most amazing spiritual experiences I have had. Mustafa came highly recommended by a close friend and I am so gratefull and blessed to have been able to do this. Mustafa instantly makes you feel at peace and puts your mind at ease as he fully explains the processes involved. I can honestly say after the session I had the best night sleep I had in a long while. I feel positive, lighter and more connected. I have had so many challenges and upheavals within the last few years but I just got this knowing inside that things will get better and better. Thank you so much Mustafa. You are a blessing. X


London, UK

Mustafa brings a kind, encouraging, nourishing energy to his healing practice. I am so grateful for his healing support and generosity- his practice has had profound effects on my mind, body, and spirit, and has allowed me to breathe freely, knowing that I am held throughout my spiritual journey by such a pure soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mustafa. Highly recommend a session with this powerful, beautiful channel of universal energy!

Sarah Truth

Los Angeles, USA

After therapy I settle into an eternal peace.


Nicosia, Cyprus