Cosmic Energy Therapy

History Of Cosmo Energy

The method of Cosmoenergy became widespread thanks to its founder Vladimir Petrov, who studied the cosmic energy channels and taught the method of Cosmoenergy to several of his students.

One of Petrov’s first students was Dr. Emil Bagirov who defended a thesis for a Doctor’s degree on the usage of cosmic energies, wrote many articles referencing the use of cosmic energy as means to improve one’s physical and mental health, and scientifically proved the existence of cosmic energy “channels”. Dr. Bagirov formed the Classic Cosmoenergy School and the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation (ICCF).

In December of 2009, the ICCF was accepted to the World Health Organization of the United Nations. Dr. Bagirov’s school of Cosmoenergy became known as “Classic Cosmoenergy”.

Cosmoenergy is a method based on the use of the cosmic energy-informational fields or “channels” that possess healing properties. The healing effects can be experienced through interaction of the Cosmoenergy practitioner with yet-to-be-determined by science cosmic energy channels.

Many may already know what Reiki is. In Reiki, only one channel is commonly used. Cosmoenergy uses about 200 channels. The first cosmoenergy channel was discovered by the Indian yogis after a long group meditation. Gradually, other channels were discovered in a similar way. The history of Cosmoenergy as a healing method can be traced back to 1918 when a group of scientists began to study the channels from India, Tibet, Afghanistan, and other countries.

Success of the therapeutic method of Cosmoenergy was confirmed by many scientific studies that were first conducted by the Classic Cosmoenergy School by Emil Bagirov and Institute of Psychology and Cosmoenergy and later continued by the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation (ICCF).

Cosmoenergy today has a solid evidence base for confirming the existence of cosmic energy channels. The widespread and real success of Cosmoenergy treatment sessions for health improvement purposes has been recorded in thousands of documents from various Cosmoenergy centers of the Classic Cosmoenergy in Russia and abroad.

Since 2001 the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation has been conducting clinical research in various medical institutions in Russia and other countries. More than ten years of scientific studies of several thousand patients have provided considerable statistical data. The results of these studies are periodically published in a number of Russian journals, such as “Medical Sciences”, “Actual Problems of Modern Science”, “Natural and Exact Sciences”, “Graduate Student and Applicant”, etc.

Classic Cosmoenergy has been recognized by the Russian Center of Traditional Medicine and the Professional Union of Healers of Russia.

Eight patents have been received – two in Russian Federation and six in European Union – that prove not only reality and objectivity of channels, but also their restorative effects on a patient’s health.

What is Cosmic Energy?

Cosmic energy, otherwise known as universe energy, exists everywhere in the cosmos. It is the bond between the galaxies, the planets, humans, and molecules. Cosmic Energy is essential in maintaining the order of the universe, and is the life force that sustains us. As the human mind and body are purely composed of energy, negative energy retained in the mind and body can upset our mental and physical well-being.

The concept of “energy” is nothing new. Various distinct cultural and religious traditions are based on the existence of esoteric energies, such as “qi” in Taoist philosophy, “prana” in Hindu belief, the “breath of life” given by God to Adam in Christian belief, visible “auras,” and psychic energy in parapsychology. Some spiritual practices, such as Qigong or traditional yoga, activate or increase this innate energy, and certain martial arts are founded on developing and focusing these energies.
The universe is a limitless source of cosmic energy. When we learn to harness these energies, we will be able to get rid of accumulated negative energies, and tap into the abundant source of positive energy in the universe, we would be able to experience true healing in our mind, body and spirit. The more energy you have, the greater your life potential and vitality.

Why Cosmic Energy Works

This Universe is made up of energy which existed even when the Universe was not there. This energy itself created the Universe and this energy is present in everything, not only on this Earth but out of this Earth also. The energy moves so fast that we can’t even think at that speed. It is present in all the living as well as non-living things on this Earth and the Universe.

This energy is same as in a human and as that in any given stone lying on the land. The only difference is that a human or any living thing is just less tightened combination of atoms and the stone is more tightened. The same energy moves everything on the Earth. So we all being a part of the same energy- are interconnected.

What Are The benefits of Cosmic Energy?

Cosmic Energies has many benefits, both in a physical way and in a spiritual way. Once attuned, the flow of Cosmic Energies can give continuous energies to any individual on all energy levels. on a regular basis can increase the flow and the beneficial effects of the Prana {Vital Energy}.

Generally, people tend to feel less stressed, more energized and much more focused while using Cosmic Energies. Life seems clearer and life’s purpose is more apparent. Cosmic Energy is a life changing event, the start of a spiritual journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Cosmic Energy gives the gift of attaining happiness.

Cosmic Energy Can Help You In The Below Areas:

•  Confidence, Self Worth & Self Esteem
•  Loving Relationships That Work
•  Career Change – Creating Workplaces That Work
•  The Mastery of Balance – Juggling a Life
•  Self Care – Getting Your Own Needs Met
•  Living Your Purpose
•  Hot Buttons – Managing Anger, Upsets, Frustration and Stress
•  Managing Grief, Loss, Sadness and Change
•  Connection Parenting
•  Self & Identity – Surviving the Oppressive Over-Culture
•  Homesteading, Environmental Activism & Permaculture
•  Artists – Creativity & Art
•  Health and Wellness

Conditions That Cosmic Healing Has Been Used To Help Treat Include:

Diseases and Cases

• Migraine Headaches.
• Eye and Ear Related Diseases.
• Skin Diseases.
• Thyroid Gland Related Diseases.
• Vascular Diseases and Heart Diseases.
• Respiratory and Lung Diseases, Allergic Diseases.
• Blood Diseases, Diabetes, Hypertension.
• Liver and Bile Duct Diseases, Bile Duct Stones.
• Stomach and Bowel Diseases.
• Diseases such as Bone Joint Diseases, Fractures, Osteoporosis, Arthritis.
• Diseases like Nervous Diseases, Depression.
• Alcohol Disorders, Panic Attacks.
• Alcohol, Smoking and Drug Addiction.
• Kidney Diseases, Kidney Stones.
• Chest Diseases.
• Reproductive Organs Related Diseases, Infertility, Female Myomas, Cysts, Male Prostate.
• Removal of Negative Energies, Curses, Spell, Black Magic and
• Negative Energy Generated by all sorts of Rituals.
• Cleaning of Negative Energies in the Home, Living Space and Workplace.
• Cancer and all the other chronic illnesses.
• Sexual Abuse and Rape victims also have damaged energy bodies,
• they all heals with Cosmic Healing.
• An operation or surgery damages to the energy bodies, they all heals with Cosmic Healing.

Negative Emotions

• Guilt Sensation, Concern.
• Being angry, blame, do not know how to love.
• Can’t Find support and support others.
• Do not like yourself, do not like anything, do not feel loved.
• Feeling of meaninglessness, uselessness, feeling inadequate, rejecting oneself.
• Despair and helplessness.
• Do not be afraid to raise things from Extreme Fear, Life, sexuality, lonely, future, death.
• Excessive short-sightedness, refusing to see good and beautiful.
• Constantly criticizing, insulting, humiliating oneself and others.
• Asking for everything to be perfect.
• Desire for punishing others.
• Feeling self-deceived, victim.
• Lack of love. You cannot feel your own individuality, independence, freedom.
• Issues with family.
• Humiliation, criticism, insecurity, self-refusal, in search of satisfaction.
• Escaping from emotion, suppression and reality.
• Unable to do what you want to do.
• Do not feel burdened.
• Stubbornness. Do not refuse to change old patterns of thought. Do not refuse to change.
• Stay stuck in childhood fears.
• Criticism, frustration, failure, shame.
• Jealousy.
• Punishing yourself.
• Constant perturbations and obsessions.
• Anger, despair.
• Instability.
• A deeply wounded injury. It’s a long-suffering anger. A profound sadness is the deep sadness that gradually finishes the human being over time.

If you would like to find more information regarding Cosmic Healing, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Mustafa G Demirag is a Member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists which is Part of the LONDON SPECIAL TREATMENTS GROUP